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Honey Stables Ranch is located in the community of Fern Creek Kentucky, where the Mulhall family have owned and operated the ranch since 2005.

Upcoming Sales

Check out our upcoming sales of our New Zealand Kiko Goats. If you're interested in our Kiko goats or have any questions, contact us today.


Please enjoy some pictures of our kiko goats and take a look how blessed we are to be doing something we take pride in as well as enjoy.


Doelings for Sale

Our doelings are highly scrutinized and selected. Because of this, only the best make the cut into our herd.

Bucklings for Sale

If you’re looking to grow your herd, then you need one of our bucklings. Our buck is producing doelings at a rate of 4 doelings to 1 bucklings.

Bucklings for Sale

Learn more about Kiko goats.

Kiko goats are recognized for their superior maternal instincts, greater parasite resistance, rapid growth rate of kids and improved carcass yield.

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